Can Home Automation Reduce Your Insurance


There are many great reasons to automate your home: it makes your everyday tasks easier, keeps you comfortable, and increases the security of your home. An added benefit that can be overlooked is that home automation will often lower your insurance rate. Let's take a look at how home automation can reduce your insurance.


Reducing your insurance premium with home automation

Home (or building) insurance is designed to protect your property from damage caused by theft and other events such as floods, fire, and storm damage.  The amount you pay your insurance company each year for insurance cover is called your premium.  Your premium covers you if your house is broken into or damaged from theft or attempted theft or impacted by flood, fire, storms or other unforeseeable events.  If any of these events occur, your insurer will assist with covering costs (up to a specified amount) to replace or repair the damaged items or your home. 

The way insurance companies make money is that the majority of homes don’t have these events occur and therefore don't require payouts to cover replacing or repairing damaged items. So they will reward those who try to make their home as safe and secure as possible, because they have less risk of a theft occurring, and therefore less likely to make a claim (unless through a natural disaster). 


Home automation makes your home safer

By installing a home automation system in your home your insurer may then look upon you more favourably, as they understand that you are taking extra measures to increase the safety of your home.  Automating your home makes it so much safer is that it gives you full access to the entire home remotely. If there are any intruders you will be notified immediately. This works by sensors and cameras monitoring whenever someone enters your home, sending you an email or SMS when unauthorised activity is detected. You can then look at the live footage to confirm whether there are intruders, or you do know the person entering your home, then call the police or security company, preventing any claim from needing to be made to your insurer.

Prevent potential theft or accidents in your home

Another reason home automation makes your home safer is the prevention of crime or accidents in the first place. You can be notified if a door or window is unlocked while nobody is home, making your home safer as a result. Even just setting automatic timers to turn on your lights when you’re away and having security cameras can be a deterrent for any potential intruders. Plus you can keep an eye on potential hazards such as appliances that have been left on and forgotten that are potential fire or flood risks. You can even turn appliances off remotely, lowering your chance of accidental fire from the usual culprits such as hair straighteners, clothes dryers or other appliances that may have accidentally been left on.

Home automation can reduce your insurance premium

How do you actually get your insurer to drop their prices for you? The first step is to call your insurer and ask. Most providers will be happy to see if they can reduce your premium if you mention you are shopping around for the best price, and have the benefits of home automation to increase the security of your home. All efforts to improve the safety and security of your home are considered favourably by your insurer, so automating your home may save some of your hard-earned dollars for other more fun things. 


Automating your home has so many benefits, from safety to comfort, security and peace of mind. With the added convenience and security that home automation systems bring you and your family, it is an added perk that you may also save you money on insurance in the long run.


If you have any questions about which home automation system is right for you, contact our team and we can assist with tailoring the perfect system for you and your home.